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Dancing in the rain!

We have a point of view. You can, indeed you have to reflect and be responsible for always keeping the smile. There is a need for strong people who know how to carry weight on their shoulders and dance in the rain. Because getting along is difficult, but it's priceless and necessary to move forward. Everyone sees the horizon in a different light and it is precisely this that makes the horizon approachable. The limits are not the ones that impose them on us, it is common sense and respect for others that reaffirm them.

Are we going to get out of this crisis? Yes, perhaps one day if we will live our path by realizing the best expression of ourselves, of who we are, a family of peasants and of our principles. Ready to fight to make things better, to learn something new and to let our land speak. The goal is clear, our products will never go into the background. In order to move forward in this direction, however, one must be able to choose with awareness.

There are those who feel the need to look around all the time. The comparison is positive, but it is not the mirror that chooses what we have become. The numbers Galileo thought when he said that the Book of Nature is written in the language of mathematics are not economic indices. To return to thrive as in every spring just look at the plants. Like screws, you have to prepare for winter.

From nature there will always be to learn, you can not expect to be faced at the end to change. Imagining a better future is harder than waiting to take the only possible solution. Sometimes the episodes do not show a trend, but the advance of the frost that accompanies winter is undeniable. That is why each of us has a duty to keep our minds clear and our hearts warm. Not to organize his stubborn resistance, but to understand what the next steps will be to improve.

In the name of the earth, it is the motto that moved man, from the arboreals of history until the last post-war period. Every language, every culture, every country has its roots in an agricultural act. An archaic model, outdated, villager that has allowed us to grow. On which the foundations of our well-being are based. A simple, now forgotten system that relied on the livelihood and widespread happiness of households.

It remains in the memory of some farmer of the past who remembers him, unable to let himself be carried away by emotion. From these testimonies the attachment to the earth is renewed. Nature has never been stepmother, because it still feeds us. We just have to make sure we're done and agree to do our part. Providing all the care and respect necessary to care not only for our garden. Behold, without the presumption of being able to teach anyone anything. We believe that historically doing the good of the family has been better than doing the interests of some investors.

Agriculture has always relied on agronomy, ecology and the desire to work. Not forgetting that doing and knowing how to do becomes secondary, when you do not know how to choose. You are faced with paradoxes such as junk food, offset by dietary supplements. Dams and walls to combat global warming. In addition to conviction, finally comes the evidence that we are what we eat. However, our food continues inexorably to lose nutritional value. Because we still believe in shortcuts and don't have time to open a book.

All too often we confuse development with progress. If there's one lesson that the story gives us, it's that when you're wrong, it doesn't matter how big you are or what your consent is. Nature finds a way to make you die. We believe in development, but not at any cost. For us, the important thing is to leave a positive impact. We are here because we believe in a better wine, which in our rural family rhymes with a better culture. In any case, we will be proud to have had the courage to try.

For Homer, the choice of Achilles is a short and glorious life, yet we look forward. As good dreamers we must be altruistic, because our strength comes from sharing. We are tremendously normal people who know how difficult it is to succeed. Willing to bear the weight of the role we have carved out. Because there's no winner who made it without ever touching the ground with his face. Then we train the reflexes, we develop the right movements and that lucid madness that leads us to rise more and more convinced.

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