Our history

Podere dell'Angelo is located in Vergiano, on the first hills around Rimini. In a fortunate position between the winding roads of “Coste di Sgrigna” and the fashionable Valmarecchia. On these hills, since 1923, the Bianchi family is dedicated to the cultivation of land and vine. This story of effort and passion, started up between the two World Wars, is still going on.

In a period when farmers were about to abandon the fields, the dedication for agriculture of this family let them remain firmly in their beloved hills. Over time it has blossomed a true love for the vineyards and their fruits. This has led to a continuous and accurate research of suitable lands for growing vines.

As nothing come alone, the real engine of this enterprise has been, and it still is, a big family who put hope and efforts to this long adventure always pointing towards new horizons.



Until now, there are three generations who take care of the vineyards. Liven by the same determination, grandfather, father and son have the same goal: to express at his best the great terroir they’ve ha trusted since the beginning.
To fully understand a glass of wine, it’s often necessary to have a look behind it in order to seize a great effort, an enthusiasm, a desire to express with the scents of fruit a hymn to life.


"Wine is the poetry of the land"

Mario Soldati



















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